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I was somewhere in the universe when I was given tour in this world by storks in Tehran in 1987. You may know me as Teacher and for those who do not know me, “My name is Ramin Mousavi, an English Teacher”. I have been living in Tehran since I was born and I have never had any intention to leave my lovely country. Tehran is believed to be the most wonderful city in Iran with tall buildings and great history of culture, war, celebrations, and being the capital for more than 150 years. I spent my whole childhood happy filled with hope and motivation for a great future, dreams of doing the impossible and colorful imagination. One thing that you should know about me is that I am a great fan of science fiction and comics specially Batman and Superman. In fact, I’m a geek who loves everything about imaginary or unreal creatures. I have studied in Hogwarts, fought in Middle Earth, ruled in Azgard, and lived in Gothom… I believe this later became a bridge between my life and career.

Let me tell you about my education, I did not go to kindergarten. My parents believed that a child should spend most of his time with his family. Then I went to elementary school at seven which is thought to be the best age to start learning. Our educational system is always wrong, you know. Having completed elementary school, I experienced playing around in a public secondary school called Resalat, and high school named Mollassadra trying to be either a doctor or an engineer. Wait a second, it was not my dream, it was my parents’. I would’ve made them satisfied if I had become either a doctor or an enginier, but this never happened. It never passed my mind to be a doctor or engineer, but an artist? Definitely. I had a great passion for arts like painting and music. However, fate led me to another path. After I finished the first year of high school, I chose to study the Empirical Sciences. Following this choice, I went through the second year of high school in Farhang and Akhtari pre-university studying hard to attend a well-known university. Despite the fact that I had chosen Empirical Sciences in high school, somehow, I knew I was not meant to be a doctor; I got this feeling that I would really make a good future helping others as an English teacher. I stepped on another path leading me to Translation Studies (B.A), focusing English translation.

Speaking of teaching, I started it so early when I was 18 years old. I’ve been helping English learners since 2005, then I will’ve been teaching for 12 years by the end of this year. I do a lot of work as a teacher and teacher educator. To do so I get help from technology, specially the internet to keep me in touch with friends, colleagues and my students. You can get an idea of the kind of work I do from my social networks at the links I have added to my website.

I worked for many language institutes, companies and organizations for many years. During those years, I taught in different locations in various fields like teaching general English, teacher training, nation-wide university examinations preparation etc. I would always tell new teacher to start from zero and basic levels. I did it from very basic levels as a tutor and I would never ask for money. I just wanted to gain experience. I did not use to have as many students as I do now. You know, who would trust an 18-year-old boy who had no formal English background except what he had studied at school?! I taught English to many people for free to gain the reputation I’ve got now, gain the place I’ve reached now. To appreciate what God has given to me, I still have free classes every new year during Norooz holidays. What I liked about my work was that I had never made any mistakes during teaching because I never went to any classes without having got prepared. I was committed to my students.

I remember the time I’d decided to work at a language institute, which was not well-known at all, to start my teaching career professionally. I was only an amateur with no experience of teaching an adult class. The headmaster politely asked my friend and me to leave the place and go to a newly-opened institute because we were unexperienced. Six years later, a colleague of mine asked me to be his substitute because he was not make it that day. To my surprise, the address seemed familiar to me. You can guess what happened next. I went there and the manager did not know I was the one he had kicked out, but he had heard my name as a teacher trainer. That what may seem negative event turned out to be a motivating turning point for me as later I went to some high level and famous English institutes to teach. The first time I taught a class in an institute actually happened at Koosha Language School which was located in west east of Tehran that was so far from my living place that was in west. They used to teach New Interchange books at Intermediate level and most of the students were of high or middle school.
It was a secondary school and in the afternoon a language institute. I taught there for two years for only less than three thousand Toman per session. I could not even pay for the taxi fare so I was taking a bus get myself to this side of the city in cold winter. I learned a lot, from social life to teaching techniques.

Earlier I had met a very kind teacher who had been teaching for many years. I was given this opportunity to learn teaching and then cooperate at Tolou Language Center and I was awarded with a post graduate certificate in TTC (Teacher Training Course). Following this step, I started teaching there as a teacher trainer at the center itself, sports and science teacher at bilingual schools of Tehran (adjunctive language learning, Content-based teaching). Besides direct teaching, we would hold language carnavals and shows for Cultural Houses. At the same time, I was teaching at many Culture Houses in Tehan, Such as Farhangsara-e-Akhlagh, Fereshte-Azadi, Andarzgoo etc. Meanwhile I was studying at university in Translation Studies. I got accepted into Azad University of Roudehen in 2006. I had been studying there for a year and half until I took the nation-wide examination aka Konkoor again and got accepted into Azad University of Southern Tehran Branch aka TJ University. Through the years in IAUTSB, I had to read English Translations Corpus and memorize so many new and archaic vocabularies which was challenging and difficult. Nonetheless I didn’t stop learning since I was fascinated by the language, literature, and culture. Studying the culture, I didn’t have any problem with learning this language for I had been already involved with them through watching movies and reading books. I worked on many translation subjects when I was still a student, and took some specialized courses so that I could be able to translate specialized and technical texts such as political and economic texts easier. After taking these courses, I started to translate texts for corporations such, Individuals, and many commercial and cultural websites.

I remember that during my bachelor’s we had to translate a great number of texts. Not only was I doing my own projects, but also I was doing my classmates’ projects and making money. Not that it was for money, but it was for my restless passion for English. Apart from translation, during those four years I shared my experience and my knowledge with people who cared about English and who needed English for their job, educational career or personal interest. I was proud of the education I was receiving. I loved learning and discovering new things, and I wanted to help my students to understand the joy and satisfaction that comes out of being able to read, write, think, talk, listen, ask questions and find out the answers to their questions in a new language and world. Maybe I believed that teaching’s so much fun. Having finished my education in Bachelor’s degree, I immediately started doing my Master’s at the same university where I made so many nice friends with warm memories. I was at the most important period of my career full of tensions and passions for I was really busy with teaching. So little did I have time for my own study. With this background, it’s not surprising that I have taken a great interest in language, both teaching and learning. I was in many language centers whether small or big ones. I also do a lot of things regularly like playing games, going shopping, eating in restaurants and definitely driving. And I belong to a sports club, I practice regularly twice a week. I sometimes take my students to the park to have our practice together in a sunny morning.

12 years have passed since the first time I stood in front of class forever. I taught at many English Language Institutes, Centers, organizations, and companies of Tehran. I have my own students and many international learners living around the world via Skype, Viber, Whatsap and other apps. Also teaching at Air Force University was a highlighted part of my career. I was teaching to young pilots to handle their English. Although I finished my master of teaching, still seeking to improve my skills in teaching. In addition, I am learning Spanish for joys. However, my focus is on teaching with new and innovative methods. Moreover, I always had passion for technology and computer science. So I taught myself how to work with computer professionally and spent plenty of my time learning skills in order to combine this knowledge with learning English and transfer it to my students. As a consequence, I kept my website online by which I get closer to the friends I get connected to more than 1M of the wonderful international English learners around the world through my English Learning pages at Facebook, Telegram, Instagram etc.

Finally, I have stopped working for institutes and I’ve been teaching in my own office for more than 5 years. Sometimes institutes call me to help them If I can, and I would do it in my office. I have learned my own method of teaching that guarantees that my students will have learned English very well and they speak fluently before they’ve expected. My students reach my through their friends who were my students before, or my Instagram page in which I post free English videos so that everybody even those in need can learn English.

Love and only love, Ramin Mousavi,
Last update: June, 2020